Have you ever guaranteed to deliver a service in time (under good conditions) and suddenly, have to compromise your first engagement? Yes? Awkward, isn’t it?


Since Friday the 9th of July 2021, each transporter (from bike to truck) must present a negative PCR test plus an authorization approving the transport of “essential” goods to come and go out of Ho-Chi-Minh City. At the same time, most of the drivers are controlled when arriving to other localities from Saigon.


On the other hand, workers need special authorization to go to office or factory to work, affecting productivity.


These new restrictions aim to reduce considerably the number of positive cases in Saigon, but it’s affecting Vietnam’s business.


With the lack of preparation and adaptation due to new rules to follow, everyone is panicking. Drivers do not have any PCR tests or approval to transport essential goods.


It’s leading to transport cost increase, huge traffic jam, kilometers of trucks waiting to be controlled, tons of goods blocked under the sun for hours, delays, unsatisfaction, etc.


Therefore, Vietnamese businesses need time to adapt to the restrictions, before being able to slowly recover. Combined to high freight cost, it will surely take more time to get a quotation, process raw material, load orders, ship containers or ask for documents.


We kindly ask our partners and customers to understand the current covid-19 outbreak happening in Vietnam. We are sorry for the potential delays and consequences, but we will respect our engagements and deliver the goods you ordered.


The situation remains unpredictable, but we will do our best to be reactive and communicative to let you know the evolution of the situation.